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Hormone Therapy



Cypionate Injections

Feeling drained, moody, or lackluster?

Testosterone Cypionate Injections can help restore your spark. Unlike gels or patches which must be continually reapplied, injections provide steady testosterone levels over weeks or months. Custom prescribed to your needs, testosterone cypionate is bioidentical — meaning its molecular structure is identical to the hormone your body produces. Convenient injections support stable energy, mood, strength, endurance and vitality in women with low testosterone. Ready to reclaim your health and wellbeing?

Schedule a consultation to see if testosterone cypionate injections are right for your path towards feeling your best once more.
per month
every 3 months
Our bioidentical hormone therapy program begins with a comprehensive evaluation, including an in-person meeting, a detailed medical history, and a clinical exam, followed by a patient-specific lab panel. Dr. Pacheco is dedicated to making your hormone replacement therapy journey healthy and sustainable. With our program, you'll receive personalized support to help you achieve your goals. We can't wait to join you on this exciting journey to a healthier, happier you!


Hormone Therapy Program Includes:

3 months of estradiol and testosterone bioidentical hormone pellets 

Weekly “Fat Burner” injections (MIC/B12 and L-Carnitine) included ($100 value) (for testosterone cypionate injections only)

Progesterone capsules

Appointments with the doctor every 3 months

Labs (additional fee)


of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy:

Better sleep

Decreased hot flashes

Regular periods

Improved libido 

Improved mood and concentration

Improved memory and concentration

Weight Loss

Increased energy



Testosterone pellets 

Estradiol pellets 

Testosterone cypionate injections

Estradiol pills, creams, or patches (additional fee)

Progesterone capsules (additional fee)

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